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    When You Want To Prevail "Accessible, Efficient and
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    We consistently contribute to the success of our Clients by providing investigative and business services that they deem invaluable.
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    We provide attorneys reliable, relevant and comprehensive case knowledge to prevail.
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    We help businesses protect their assets, identify risks and see the big picture.
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    We help individuals find facts, identify risks, see the big picture and have peace of mind.
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Not All Private Investigative Firms Are Created Equal…

We Are Here to Help You Prevail.

It takes years of training and experience to master the art of conducting quality investigations. When you hire DSS Investigations, you hire investigators that have been well- trained and have over four decades of experience.

We have been in business since 1993. We are licensed and insured. We specialize in helping attorneys, businesses and individuals prevail through accurate facts and thorough investigations. We only conduct domestic related investigations when working with attorneys.

DSS INVESTIGATIONS' Agents have Business Management, Private Investigation, Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, Safety, Security and Risk Management experience.

Serving the State of Utah with affiliated Professional Investigators nationwide.

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